Frequently Asked Questions

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    1. What do I need to enroll/re-enroll my child online?

    Parents/Guardians will need a valid email address and internet access to complete the online enrollment/re-enrollment process.

    1. How will I get a username and password to access the online enrollment system?

    Guardian’s will login to the website and create a username and password using a valid email address.

    1. Once logged in, can I change my password?

    Yes, once users have accessed the system they will have the option to change their password.

    1. What if I do not have a valid email address?

    Users may visit one of the following sites to create a free email account:, and

    1. How do I enroll my child if I do not have access to a computer or the internet?

    Public computer and internet access is available at all CCISD campuses and all local public libraries.

    1. Is the online enrollment system available in Spanish?

    Yes. The online enrollment system will allow users to select a language of choice at the beginning of the enrollment process.

    1. What are my options if I do not want to enroll my child using the online system?

    Parents/Guardians may ask the front office staff at their student's campus to provide a printed copy of the online enrollment forms.

    1. Is there someone who can assist me with the online enrollment process?

    Campus staff members are trained and available to assist parents with the online enrollment process. The PowerSchool call center is also available to assist parents with the online enrollment process Monday – Friday from 8 am to 7 pm.

    1. What do I do if I am experiencing technical issues with the online enrollment system?

    Parents may call the PowerSchool call center or ask campus staff for assistance with online enrollment and they will attempt to resolve any issues. The staff is not trained to diagnose technical issues with personal digital devices. If there is a technical error with regard to the actual online enrollment system, staff can report the error to CCISD Technology Department. In addition, public computers with internet access are available at all CCISD campuses and all local public libraries.

    1. Can I access the online enrollment system to update my child's information throughout the year?

    No, access to the online enrollment system for re-enrollment has a window and is only opens once during the course of the year. Any other changes that would need to be made after the close of that window would have to be brought to the campus.

    1. What do I do if I have not received my Snapcode?

    Parents/Guardians should contact the front office staff at your student's campus for assistance.

    1. What do I do if I have received multiple Snapcode?

    Parents/Guardians will need to use each Snapcode, one for each student in order to update his or her application.